3 Ways a Brow Lift in Beverly Hills Can Improve Your Appearance

A brow lift in Beverly Hills can be just the thing you need to improve your appearance. The forehead unfortunately can be the first place that aging really takes hold because it is used for so many expressions. The lines start to form early on and only get worse with time. Many people think of a brow lift in Beverly Hills as a procedure that only affects the brows themselves but it can have profound effect on your overall appearance.

Three Main Improvements
There are three main improvements that a brow lift can affect when done by a highly qualified plastic surgeon that specializes in the eye area:
1. Lifts the eyelids
2. Smooths the lines on the forehead
3. Gives you a more alert appearance

The Eyes
The eyebrows are like frames for the eyes and like the rest of your face they can start to droop with age. A lift in this area will help to move the eyebrows into a more youthful, natural position. The eyes will appear more visible, less tired looking. The eyelids will be tighter with less droop and slack.

The Forehead
A brow lift smooths the lines on the forehead to hide the signs of aging and to give a more youthful look.

You Look Awake
This procedure can give you a more alert look. The results are natural looking so you do not get that “frozen expression” look. You will look rested and younger but it will not be a shocking change. Unlike injectables the results do not “wear off” in a few months. You get results that can last decades! This may be the perfect way for you to restore youth and look your best! Kami Parsa MD can help!

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