Benefits of a Sport Massage in Honolulu HI

A Sport massage in Honolulu HI is not a massage technique per se, but rather an “approach” which involves applying different massage techniques to improve performance and recovery, reduce the risk of injury, to promote healing and to promote a state of well-being. This type of massage is aimed at both high-level and non-professional athletes (casual or regular). As a specialist in the musculoskeletal system, the massage therapist intervenes before, during or after exertion or competition. In this approach, which can be more vigorous, the forearms, fists, elbows of the therapist are their main tools of work, while their hands and thumbs accompany certain movements. Passive mobilizations and stretches are also an integral part of this type of massage therapy, as well as strengthening or stretching exercises to do at home.

Here are some reasons why athletes consult a massage therapist:

  • Increase muscle flexibility and elasticity;
  • Soften the muscles;
  • Eliminate muscle tension;
  • Eliminate pain caused by “nodes” and repetitive movements;
  • Get or regain joint amplitude;
  • Relieve fatigue, reduce stress and improve performance;
  • Reduce pain or inflammation caused by injuries.

At the time of your appointment, the massage therapist will listen to any expectations the patient has. They will do a health check, evaluate any injuries to the muscles and joints, and so on. By consulting a massage therapist, you will get:

  • Better oxygenation of the muscles;
  • Increased nutrient intake to muscles;
  • More efficient removal of stored toxins;
  • Increased mobility;
  • Injury prevention;
  • Improved recovery time;
  • Better muscle preparation at a sporting event;
  • Eliminating the effects of stress before and after a sporting event.

One of the goals of a Sport massage in Honolulu HI is to maintain the health of the muscles by allowing for a better tone, which includes improving excellent elasticity and flexibility. These three components are essential to avoid injuries, and regular massage therapy sessions will be important. Healthy muscles are also muscles that are well oxygenated, well fed, with effective organic waste disposal and adequate hydration. For this, it is important to develop good cardiovascular capacity, good eating habits, and adequate hydration. When one of these elements is deficient, the muscular tensions appear and can turn into wounds. Click here for more details.

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