Benefits of Using an Instant Drug Test Kit


Due to new technological advances, drug tests can now be administered with instantly available results. In years past, employers would have to allow several hours for potential employees to go through drug testing procedures at laboratories. Then, the employers would have to wait for days until the results came back. Now, these same tests can be done quickly and inexpensively by using an instant drug test.

The Testing Procedure
Most of the instant tests involve using a swab to obtain a sample of saliva. Not only is this minimally invasive, but it also cuts down on the possibility that a person can “cheat” on their test to obtain negative drug test results.

People have been very creative when it comes to finding ways around mandatory drug testing for employment. Some people have smuggled in good urine samples to use because they know they will not pass the drug test. Other people go so far as to purchase powered urine to mix up their own good samples. Still others will cancel their appointments in order to get a few more days time in hopes that the drugs will have worked their way out of their system.

Because these tricks can actually work, employers have had to become even more creative in developing strategies to weed out active drug users from their employee ranks. One way to do this is to use an instant test. Because there is no privacy invasion, a saliva test can be observed from start to finish. In addition, anyone who strongly refuses to take such a test can arouse suspicions about their ability to pass the test in the first place.

In order to get the best results, someone other than the employee should uncap the swab from the container. Then, the prospective employee can swab his cheeks while a health care professional or supervisor watches the test.

Should a positive test occur, employers can conduct further tests to discern whether the positive result is a fluke, or if the result is accurate. Sometimes, medication can affect the results of a drug test. Because of this, it is a good idea for employers to ask prospective employees what medication they are taking. For example, and employee who is taking a cough medicine with codeine may have a positive test result.

Before using an instant drug test for your company, it is important to know the law. Some states have laws which prevent this type of screening from being used. In order to check the laws, you can check with the Department of Labor in your state. In many cases, you may even be able to check online to see if this type of test is legal in your area.

If your state does allow this type of test, it could save your business quite a bit of time and money. Instant drug test kits can be purchased from reputable supply companies both locally and online. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to test for drug use amongst prospective employees, an instant test may be just the answer you’re looking for.

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