Can Seattle Infertility Acupuncture Help With Conception?

Most people in Seattle have heard of the benefits of acupuncture, and many have used it successfully for pain management, weight loss and even for smoking cessation. However, there is a mounting number of research articles that show that Seattle women struggling with the inability to conceive may benefit from acupuncture.

At Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture Center, we have been providing acupuncture for men and women since 1987. With our experts in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, we are able to provide a wide range of holistic treatment options, including those that can assist couples in a natural conception.

Pregnancy Pressure

When couples make the choice to go off the pill or other birth control methods, it can put a lot of pressure on the couple, particularly the woman, to become pregnant immediately.

However, with years of birth control and manipulation of the menstrual cycle, it may take months for the natural hormonal cycles of the body to begin to function again. During this time the woman often begins to feel unsure about her reproductive ability, leading to a lot of internal stress and pressure.

Every question, every hopeful countdown to the next cycle and every letdown when pregnancy doesn’t occur can build up more pressure. This, in turn, tends to change the hormonal levels in women, increasing the stress hormones, including cortisol, which can actually work against becoming pregnant.

The Acupuncture Option

For healthy women, an option between some type of medically assisted pregnancy and a natural pregnancy may include infertility acupuncture. This process is non-invasive and does not require the use of any medications or hormones, so there are no side effects or complications to worry about.

A Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture Center our acupuncturist will talk to women about their overall health and well-being before determining if acupuncture is the right choice.

In general, most women going through acupuncture to increase fertility are those that are otherwise healthy and have normal menstrual cycles. The actual treatment usually last several months, and it involves the gentle application of very fine needles at key spots on the body to create harmony in the energy flow and circulation through the body, including through the reproductive system. It is also a relaxing experienced that reduces stress and provides a balance to the endocrine system, resulting in a significant increase in natural fertility for Seattle couples. We may also recommend nutritional supplements and herbs to help promote and increase fertility. Visit for more information.

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