Cell Phone Radiation Classified By World Health Organization As “Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans”

The health effects of cell phone radiation continue to be a concern for medical professionals. Possible health dangers include cancer, immune system dysfunction, and other serious chronic health problems.  In the 1980s cell phones were exempted from testing as they were deemed to be a low power device.  Worldwide, there are an estimated 5.9 billion cell phone users today.  Since the 1980s, cell phone usage has dramatically changed; what was once a device for an occasional quick phone call is now a device users spend many hours per day using.

The Latest Cell Phone Radiation Research Shows Cause For Alarm

Prior to their release for sale to the public, cell phones did not have to undergo testing to evaluate their safety.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined since cell phones did not push as much power as a microwave oven, that they could be exempt from research.  Under pressure from medical researchers and consumer advocacy groups, regulating authorities are beginning to consider funding for studies on the health effects from cell phone radiation.

Cell Phone Usage Up Drastically In Last Decade Leading To Concerns Over Cell Phone Radiation Levels

Consumers are using their cell phones more and more each day; the risks of exposure to cell phone radiation continue to rise.  Since the advent of cell phones, the number of calls and their length has significantly increased.  Some industry analysts believe that sales people are on their cell phones 6-9 hours per day.  Long term comprehensive studies are required to determine the risks associated with the extended use of cell phones.  As a society, we have gone from an average of 11 minutes a day when cell phones were first introduced, to over 6 hours.

Cell Phone Radiation Classified as Possible Carcinogenic to Humans

The World Health Organization in 2011 released the results from a study on the dangers of cell phone radiation. Their recommendation was to alert the public of the possibility that electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices could cause long term health consequences.  While the U.S. National Cancer Institute has stayed firm in their belief that there is no risk with electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, they recently released the following statement.  “More research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly.”

Definitive side effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones are not yet known. Medical researchers and physicians agree that radiofrequency fields can have negative consequences on the human body including an increase in the risk of cancer.  While consumers continue to wait for the results of long term studies on cell phone use, it is wise for all to recognize the inherent dangers of cell phone radiation.

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