Common Side Effects to Abortion That Every Woman Should Be Informed Of

Every year, thousands of women find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and do not know what to do with their situation. While some mothers are able to change their lives to adapt to a child, there are others who will be unable to parent, for a number of different reasons. This has many women considering abortions. There are many abortions performed in the United States every year, however, many of the women who move forward with these abortions do so without learning about the risks involved with these procedures first. This is why it is important for any woman considering abortion to know some of the risks involved.


It is important to keep in mind that not all women will suffer all of these side effects and that there are different types of abortions that can be performed and a different abortion may have a different type of side effect with it. The most common type of side effect with any abortion is infection. These infections can develop from the insertion of medical instruments to the body. They can also occur if parts of the fetal body parts are accidentally left inside as these can cause bleeding and pelvic infections. These are rare but can happen.


Damage to the organs is another side effect. If the cervix or uterus is cut, torn or damaged there can be complications and serious recovery issues. There are also potential issues that can arise if the uterus is damaged that can render a woman unable to reproduce in the future. In serious cases there are issues with death from extreme complications such as excessive bleeding. There have also been some studies that suggest long term health risks, pre-term births in future pregnancies and even an increased chance of developing breast cancer.


Those who do move forward with an abortion should also consider that there are many emotional and psychological issues that women face after an abortion, even women who are completely confident in their decision before moving forward with the process. Many women deal with issues such as clinical depression, drug and alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, guilt, grief, anger and anxiety as well. A quality clinic will provide you with information on abortion consequences before moving forward and will let you know the potential risks involved. It is important that any woman considering this procedure is fully aware of the risks and consequences associated and is comfortable with these risks before she moves forward with the procedure.

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