Dialysis Technician: Salary and Responsibilities

A dialysis technician primarily works with patients and dialysis equipment. Because they work with patients they are an essential part of the treatment process and can be a source of comfort for patients.

Average salary

Median pay is about $14.74 per hour in the U.S., with career length being an essential factor in compensation, says Payscale. Location as well as company also plays a factor. Many technicians have high satisfaction levels with their jobs, with about 79 percent being women. Some of these technicians enjoy several medical benefits while most have dental coverage.


The technician assembles the machine and checks to ensure the equipment is in good working condition and is sterile before the dialysis begins. The technician will then check the chart of the patient and administer anesthesia that complies with the prescription. Throughout the procedure, the technician keeps an eye on the patient—to make sure the patient is in proper position—and on the equipment—to prevent malfunctions and glitches that could put the patient’s life at risk. In case of any emergency, a technician knows how to respond and provide life-saving assistance. When the dialysis is done, the technician then disconnects and cleans the machine before recording the patient’s vital signs. Other types of technicians, though, might only work directly with machines.

Other duties

A technician who works with patients is an essential part of the team providing the patient with care and treatment. In some cases, some nurses take on the training necessary to handle the machines to provide their patients with comprehensive care. With a dialysis program for nurses, nurses who want to receive training in how to operate, handle and maintain dialysis machines may do so.

If you think a career as a dialysis technician is for you, or you want further training as a nurse, finding a reputable dialysis training center is a good first step.

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