Discover Body Sculpture in New Canaan, CT

Most people stay fit and trim through regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and getting plenty of sleep. There are specific exercises available to strengthen core muscles, build biceps, tighten the buttocks, and firm up the upper arms. There are some for the waistline, chin, legs, and thighs. There are some that can only be effective to a certain degree.

Stubborn Body Fat

For some, fit and trim is enough. Many people are still not pleased with their appearances. That is due to areas that typically collect stubborn body fat. The waist, hips, thighs, and abdomen are common areas that do not respond fully to diet and exercise. Traditionally, that fat was eliminated through the surgical procedure of liposuction.

A Better Way

Modern technology is used to contour the body in targeted areas. Body Sculpture in New Canaan CT is offered at a medical and luxury day spa. Certified technicians operate a laser to melt away body fat. This non-surgical procedure requires no downtime and can be completed within one hour. Men and women interested in targeted fat removal can Contact us to schedule a consultation.

How It Works

After a preliminary consultation, the laser treatment is conducted on the body. Depending on the area(s) targeted, more than one session may be necessary. The level of heat from the laser dissolves fat cells. The body naturally expels the particles via the immune system over the next few weeks to a month after the procedure.

The results of Sculpture in New Canaan CT do not happen all at once, so the changes appear to be natural. No one will know a procedure was done unless the satisfied customer decides to tell people. This procedure is safer, more comfortable, and cheaper than liposuction. Risks are reduced because the skin is never cut.

Other Treatments

The spa features both medical and luxury treatments and procedures to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Laser hair removal and removal of brown spots are offered as are facial injections. Beauty treatments include massages, facials, airbrush tans, waxing, and saunas. Pamper yourself and have the body you envision while exercising.

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