Electrical Scooters in Baltimore Can Help You Regain Your Independence

Mobility is something that most of take for granted. Being able to walk and run wherever we want to go is something that we don’t stop and think about. It’s different for a person dealing with mobility issues. Each step must be carefully calculated and special arrangements must be made when the need arises to travel and go places. For individuals faced with the inability to walk without assistance, electrical scooters in Baltimore can give them the freedom of movement. Once again they can be part of life, rather than watching from the sidelines while others have all of the fun.

Having limited mobility often makes you dependent on others to get around. Just the inside of your home can become an obstacle course when you need to maneuver from one room to another. The freedom to be independent has been taken away from you, but you can get some of it back with the use of an electrical scooter. You’ll be able to use it indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of scooter that is purchased. For indoor use a compact, more lightweight scooter would probably be more desirable in order to fit around furniture and tight spaces. This type of scooter often has a 3 wheel frame which allows for a tighter turning radius. The 4 wheel scooters have a wider turning radius and they are most often used outdoors. These scooters are designed to handle uneven surfaces and can safely travel over bumpy pathways and the general outdoor terrain.

Both 3 and 4 wheel electric scooters are very portable. With a few simple steps, they can be dismantled to fit into a large vehicle, or attached to a lift on the rear of a car. They come with a rechargeable battery and a charging unit, so that the scooter can be ready for use at any time. It is advisable however, to let the battery fully discharge before charging it again for maximum longevity.

Scooters come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on need. There are mini scooters and mid-size ones that can reach about 4 mph and can travel between 10-19 miles on a single battery charge. Road scooters are heavier duty and can travel for about 24 miles at 8 mph before needing to be recharged. No matter which one you choose, an electric scooter can restore independence for a person with mobility impairment.



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