Eye Experts in Green Bay, WI May Help Restore Patients’ Vision

Good vision is something people without significant eye problems take for granted. However, if vision starts to decline due to cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, a person’s quality of life can suffer. It’s important to see Eye Experts in Green Bay WI right away to evaluate the problem and get started on a treatment plan. Although it might not be possible to cure all eye problems, an experienced eye surgeon may be able to save the vision of a patient if the problem is found in the early stages.


Cataracts cause blurry vision over time and, eventually, may cause blindness. The good news is that cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed today. The outpatient surgery typically takes less than an hour, and patients regain their vision within a couple of days. For many people, the first sign of cataracts is trouble seeing well enough to drive at night. Traffic lights might have halos around them, or signs might be difficult to read. Because cataracts don’t return after they’ve been removed, Eye Experts in Green Bay WI can remove them at any stage.


Glaucoma causes pressure on the eyes and can be a very painful condition. It’s important to identify and treat glaucoma in the earliest stages for the best chances of recovery. There are medications available that could reduce the pressure on the eyes so people with glaucoma may be able to see clearly. Over time, this condition typically gets worse without treatment and may lead to blindness. Contacting a trusted eye surgeon to Get more information may be a glaucoma patient’s only chance of saving their vision.

It’s important for everyone to take care of their eyes. Seeing an eye doctor at least every two years is recommended for children and adults whether they have a problem with their eyes or not. Vision exams are typically covered by insurance, and patients shouldn’t let that benefit slip away.

Detecting vision problems early gives patients the best chance for treatment. In the early stages, surgery may not be necessary to restore vision. However, with conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, surgery offers the opportunity to see clearly again.

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