Foot And Ankle Problems Can Be Corrected By A Podiatrist In Racine, WI

The feet and ankle areas can cause severe pain when there is a problem. Although braces or a foot massage might offer some relief, many problems cannot be corrected without the help of a Podiatrist in Racine WI. Podiatrists can treat a variety of conditions including:

* Ingrown toenails
* Heel pain
* Bunion deformities
* Nail fungus
* Plantar Fasciitis
* Arch Pain
* Adult Flatfoot
* Hammertoes
* Achilles Tendonitis
* And many other conditions, disorders, and deformities.

The feet and ankle area receive a lot of wear and tear every day. Shoes that are too small or offer no support to the foot and ankle area will add to an individual’s discomfort. A podiatrist will evaluate a patient’s pain and discomfort and determine the best plan of care for the patient.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is incredibly painful and can lead to infection or bacterial invasion of the area. Removing an ingrown toenail requires care during the process to eliminate the risk of infection. Some individuals will continue to experience recurring problems.

The best way to reduce the chance of getting an ingrown toenail is to trim the nail with clippers. In addition, the clippers should cut straight across the nail and not leave the nail too short. Proper shoes will also help reduce the chance of getting an ingrown toenail.

Toenail Fungus

If the toenails are yellow, green, or deformed, an individual is suffering from an infection. Fungal infections have to be diagnosed by a podiatrist in Racine WI so they can rule out any other causes. In some situations, over-the-counter medication will work, although some individuals will need to obtain a prescription to eliminate the fungus.

Arch Pain

Plantar Fasciitis often causes arch pain. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the ligament in the arch of the foot becomes inflamed. Sometimes, the pain can start gradually or come on suddenly. When the pain is extreme or sudden, an individual should contact a podiatrist immediately.

The ankle area also suffers from common problems such as a bone fracture, sprain, arthritic conditions, and gout. Repeated sprains can happen when an individual has an unstable gait. Browse our website to learn more about how a podiatrist can help you.

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