How To Find The Perfect Facility For Dog Sitting In Omaha, NE

Of all the things a pet owner dreads, the worst is leaving the pet behind when they must travel without them. The idea of leaving a pet alone and without the people they know and love will fill a pet owner with anxiety, but locating a company providing Dog Sitting in Omaha NE will allow them to breathe easy. Before agreeing to board a dog, be sure to ask about the following, which will ensure a pet has access to the care and compassion needed while their owner is away.

Fenced Play Areas

Most people envision their dog being left in a cage around the clock, but many facilities provide access to outdoor play areas that are completely fenced in. A pet that is adequately exercised will be less stressed, so it is critical to find a provider that gives a furry loved one the chance to stretch their paws. Most boarding facilities separate large and small dogs for safety and provide a pet with multiple opportunities to run and exercise throughout the day.

Staffing Metrics

A boarding clinic should have a staffing team dedicated to providing the best experience possible and keep a watchful eye on the pets in their care to prevent mishaps. Make sure a company has staff around the clock and that there is always an adequate pet-to-people ratio. It will help prevent a pet from being alone and provide them with the attention they need.

Medical Care

The idea of a pet becoming injured while an owner is away is terrifying, but a company that specializes in Dog Sitting in Omaha NE will have highly skilled staff standing by in the event of an emergency. Some even have a veterinary technician on their team, which is a medical professional certified to provide essential medical interventions and emergency care.

If the thought of leaving a furry loved one alone is overwhelming, don’t fret. The caring team at Cottonwood Pet Resort offers around-the-clock care and will help a dog remain safe and have fun while an owner is away. Check out to learn more and trust their team of animal-loving professionals the next time a pet must be left behind.

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