How to Prepare for Mystic Tan in Newport Beach

If you have made the decision to get a spray tan instead of lying out in the sun to try to get the tan you seek, there are some steps you need to take to make sure your tan is as successful as possible. Those who don’t know what they should do before and after they undergo Mystic Tan in Newport Beach are more likely to be disappointed with their experience. However, with these steps, you can ensure you will be happy with your results.


The day you go in for your Mystic Tan, it is important to shower and fully exfoliate your skin. Spray tans adhere to the upper layer of the skin. If the upper layer of your skin is full of dead skin cells, your tan will not last long at all. However, when you exfoliate, you will remove all the dead skin cells to increase the length of time the spray tan will last, helping you spread out your treatments. Do not put anything on your skin before your treatment, including deodorant, makeup and moisturizer.


In most cases, you will be able to choose whether you wear anything during your session for Mystic Tan in Newport Beach. If you do decide to wear underwear, a swimsuit or anything else during the session, make sure it is something you don’t care about because the spray can stain. After your session, wear loose, dark clothing to avoid ruining the clothing or the tan itself.


To ensure the spray tan fully absorbs into your skin, it is important to avoid getting wet for at least 24 hours. This includes taking a shower and going swimming, especially in a swimming pool. It is important to avoid going into a swimming pool for as long as possible because the chemicals may negatively impact the chemicals in the spray tanning product. The longer you stay out of the water, the longer the spray tan will have to do its job.

Taking the proper precautions before and after undergoing Mystic Tan Newport Beach will ensure your tan lasts for as long as possible. Removing all the dead skin cells from your body before the treatment will allow the spray tan to take hold as firmly as possible. When it is over, you will need to wear dark, loose clothing immediately afterward and avoid water for about a day to ensure the spray tan can fully take effect and last for as long as possible.

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