Three Levels of Alzheimer’s Nursing Care

As diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia progress, the care needs of your loved one changes. They begin to need assistance with everyday skills like getting dressed, bathing, personal care and meal preparation. The tasks they were used to performing every day becomes more difficult for them. There are three settings and types of Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL.

Assisted Living Facilities

For those who need minimal assistance with daily tasks like preparing meals and eating but don’t need medical care, assisted living may be the solution. In this type of community, residents have their own apartment or share a suite. The 24-hour staff is available to help with things like housekeeping, transportation, medications and laundry.

Nursing Homes

When an individual needs skilled care, a nursing home may be necessary. They are set up to provide 24-hour supervision, room-and-board and a high level of medical care. They provide care planning assistance, deal with specific dietary needs and address other medical needs.

Special Care Units

Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, are designed for those with memory problems. They are residential facilities providing 24-7 care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The staff receives specialized training to meet the specific needs of those with memory problems. This training includes taking appropriate safety measures and dealing with aggressive behaviors. Residents in Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, dwell in secured facilities to ensure they remain safe.

Choosing an Option

Knowing how to choose the right facility for your loved one can be difficult. Making the right choice depends on the stages your loved one is in and their specific level of care needs. Each setting is different and addresses varying needs.

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