Older pets require special care and attention

As people age they often begin experiencing joint pains, their eyesight may begin to fail and they easily fatigue doing things that they once did with relative ease. Many of the same effects of getting older are shared by our pets, just as elderly people can avail themselves of focused care, we can do the same for our aging pets, helping them to maintain quality of life and good health by ensuring they receive proper medical care in Bucktown.

The definition of “senior” in your pet:

It is difficult to define a senior pet, a great deal has to do with the species and size. Many vets consider a cat to have reached its senior years at about eight, the same for small dogs; large dogs are considered senior at about five or six.

There are certain signs that your pet is aging, it is these signs that help the owner assess the need for additional animal medical care in Bucktown.

* The coat thins and shows signs of grey hair
* The eyes appear cloudy
* Change in weight, up or down
* Intolerance to exercise

Steps to support health and happiness in your senior pet:

Perhaps most importantly is preventative medical care, however, there are other issues that help support the health and happiness of pets as they age:

* Weight control: Just as it has for the human population, obesity has become a problem with pets. Overweight adds stress and strain to joints and overworks the heart, kidneys and the immune system. Ensuring your pet does not become obese is very important to ensure health.

* Diet: The animal’s dietary needs have to be tailored to its age and species. Older animals need more protein, especially if it is easy to digest. The proper diet for your senior pet is a topic of discussion for you and your veterinarian.

Although diet and weight control of very important, your senior pet should also get sufficient exercise and regular animal medical care in Bucktown.

If you have a pet; young or old, it requires attention. If you are looking for animal medical care in Bucktown you are invited to visit Village West Veterinary.

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