Picking a Private Ambulance Service – Three Tips to Consider

When picking a private ambulance service, you want to ensure that your choice can handle whatever you throw at it. If you need them down the line, it’s often too late to ask many of the pressing questions that come to mind. That’s why we have made this guide to help you pick the best service for you.

Determine if the Correct Medical Services Are Available
There are many different kinds of ambulances and some of them are going to work better for some than they might for others. Someone who has chronic lung disease is probably not going to be the best candidate for an air ambulance, just to give a simple example. When a medical emergency happens, every single second matters. It’s also a stressful time when you may not remember to ask for everything you are going to need. Having a private ambulance company that you trust is important, as is knowing they provide all the options and services you might need.

Look into Each Company’s Service Limitations
So, here’s a secret that you might not know. Most private ambulance services are going to be speedy when telling you what they do. They’re also going to avoid telling you exactly what it is they can’t do. Because of that, you need to ask some questions before you choose a company. Here they are:

  • Is there a limit in terms of the distance a patient can be transported while in your ambulances?
  • Will you provide the service even if health or travel insurance does not cover it?
  • Is it required to have a medical certificate for the service to be provided? Some companies won’t, and it can take time and effort to get things done.
  • Will you help me deal with paperwork while sick or injured abroad? This can be helpful, especially when visiting a country far away.

Check Out the Online Reviews
In order to be sure of how good a service is, you need to talk to past customers. You also need to do some research on your own. It’s easy enough to hit up Google to find reviews and get an idea of the types of situations that the company has dealt with and how the service was.

Alert Ambulance, based in New Jersey, provides private ambulance services for those in the area. We provide emergency and non-emergency transportation to medical facilities and hospitals. You can learn more on our website or call us at 800-244-6923 to ask questions.

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