Procedures and therapies for acne

women always want to look beautiful. They want their skin to look ravishing and glowing always. To get the skin they desire they try a lot of things on their skin. But there is so much pollution everywhere. Because of it the skin gets damaged. It is very difficult to maintain your skin in this new environment. Women face a lot of skin problems. There are many product that are available in the market. Women face acne problems. Acne can be disastrous if not treated on time. There are many things one can do to prevent it from coming. There are many procedures and therapies to avoid acne.

What are the procedures and therapies?

Innumerable treatments are available for acne like oral contraceptives, cosmetic surgery and prescription topical lotions. You should consult a doctor. There are times when prevention or treatment of acne is not possible. There are scars too which cannot heal. The scars can occur anywhere on your face, neck, chest, shoulders or back where the woman was acne-stricken. It can affect a person’s life permanently and can be physically and mentally tormenting. The procedures and therapies for acne include a codification system for acne scarring that will help a patient in diagnosis and treatment. The scars in procedures and therapies are known as boxcar , ice pick and rolling acne scars. The icepick scars are deep and narrow and descending into the dermis and subcutaneous layers. Boxcar scars are like chickenpox scars and are mostly superficial and round pits with sharp edges in the skin. A rippled texture is given by rolling scars.

The first procedures and therapies is called microdermabrasion . There is also a scar revision procedures and therapies among others. Other procedures and therapies include resurfacing and dermal fillers. Also laser and light procedures and therapies are available which have a proper cost and will not create a burn in your pocket too.



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