Reasons to Seek Out a Neuropsychological Evaluation For Your Child

Raising children is both a joyous and overwhelming experience. Making sure your child has all of the tools they need to succeed is essential for their long-term success. In some cases, a child’s academic performance or lack of self-control can be a warning sign of serious mental health issues. When you start to notice there are problems with the way your child is acting or learning, you will need to schedule an appointment with a pediatric neuropsychologist.

These professionals will be able to evaluate your child and help you figure out how to address their issues. The following are some of the things you will notice when this type of evaluation is needed.

Noticing Cognitive Problems

Are you finding it increasingly harder to understand what your child is saying? Do they require a lot of additional time when trying to learn a new task? These are both signs that your child may be suffering with some cognitive issues. By scheduling an evaluation with a pediatric neuropsychologist, you will be able to get information on how to address these issues properly.

Problems at School

Another problem you may notice when a pediatric neuropsychologist evaluation is needed is the fact your child is having difficulty at school. If their grades are falling and they seem to be becoming frustrated with their teachers, they may have an attention disorder. A neuropsychologist will be able to administer a variety of tests to figure out whether or not your child needs to be treated for ADD or ADHD.

Issues With Language

When a child has a hard time carrying on a conversation with an adult or their peers, there may be an underlying issue causing this trouble. Children who cannot understand sarcasm, but can memorize long monologues they have heard on television quickly may have some learning problems that need to be ironed. The only way to address the concerns you have is by meeting with a pediatric neuropsychologist.

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