Residential Treatment Services for Women Struggling with Substance Abuse

residential treatmentResidential treatment services are those that take place within a treatment center. Women remain at the center for an extended period of time, usually anywhere from three months to a year. Women dealing with substance abuse can attend a treatment center that caters to women. The therapists and programs offered focus solely on women and therapists are trained to deal with issues that are gender specific.

Gender Specific Counseling for Substance Abuse

Therapists often discover that a woman’s source of substance abuse is some form of abuse. Whether it’s physical, mental, or sexual, this type of abuse affects women different than men. Residential treatment services focus on helping women understand that they don’t deserve abuse and that there is never a reason for someone to abuse them. Many women feel guilt or shame about abuse and use drugs or alcohol to escape from the feelings caused by repeated abuse. Licensed therapists will help women understand how abusive relationships have led to their current substance abuse problems and how to begin healing.

Treatment for Pregnant Women

Many women make an effort to stop drinking or doing drugs while pregnant. However, some women just can’t shake the addiction, especially if abuse is present during the pregnancy. Some residential treatment services work with pregnant women to help them overcome their addictions and have a healthier pregnancy. In some cases, women can give birth and return to live at the residential treatment center with their baby. This allows a woman to continue treatment during an emotional time where she may be dealing with addiction issues and postpartum depression.

Gender specific counseling helps women feel comfortable, knowing that no men are present during group counseling sessions or walking around the treatment center. It also allows women to open up about abusive pasts since therapists specialize in working with issues that affect women.

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