Searching for a Hearing Doctor in Fort Myers

Nearly fifty percent of the people who visit a doctor complain of pain in the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck. This is what makes Otolaryngologists an extremely sought after type doctor. There are numerous Hearing Doctors in Fort Myers who deal with these kinds of issues.

There are several different conditions that can be dealt with when visiting one of the Hearing Doctors in Fort Myers. Ear disorders like chronic ear aches, infections, and clicking noises or hearing loss can be treated. Nasal symptoms including post nasal drip, sinus pressure, allergies and nose bleeds can be looked at. If there is a hoarseness, swallowing difficulty, or burning sensation in the throat, an Otolaryngologist is who to see. Allergy testing for symptoms including sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, and ear pain can all be handled. Finally, diagnostic hearing evaluations can be done in order to rule out any medical reasons for hearing loss.

Some of these symptoms and conditions can be treated fairly easily. Allergy problems, for instance, often only require a simple once a day medication. Sometimes, shots are more effective and other doctors will administer what is called sublingual therapy or a drop under the tongue to help relieve the symptoms of allergies. If asthma is a problem, inhalers and other breathing devices can be suggested in order to relieve some of the problems associated with the condition. Hearing doctors can also prescribe and fit individuals for hearing aids when hearing loss is a problem.

Children may suffer from a form of blockage in the ear canal. Many times, the only way to open up this area is to insert tubes to help and relieve the pressure. These tubes are inserted under a general anesthesia by a certified ear, nose, and throat specialist. The tubes stay in and allow the ear canal to remain open. This opening keeps water from pooling behind the eardrum. The tubes will stay in for about a year to a year and half, eventually falling out on their own. These devices can make a huge impact on how well a child can hear. Better hearing is essential for productive academic performance.


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