Should You Consider Double Knee Replacement, Find a Surgeon in Hoffman Estates

Most people in Hoffman Estates ignore their aches and pains because they believe it can go away on its own or can be managed with pain relievers. If you’ve experienced pain in your knees, you may decide to seek help. A double knee replacement isn’t for everyone, but if it is recommended for one knee, it may be best to have the surgery on both. You’ll experience less pain in the area and better functioning, as well. Along with such, you may have one knee replaced, only to realize that you need the other one replaced later. Having them both replaced at once offers a variety of benefits.

Less Time in the Hospital

Having one knee replaced usually means that you have to have the other replaced later. Because of the way your body holds itself, your knees take most of your weight. They wear down over time. Arthritis can sink in and isn’t curable, which means you can’t do what you love. Having both knees replaced means that you have both surgeries done at once so that you spend less time recuperating. While you may spend a little longer in the hospital when having both knees replaced, you only have one hospital stay.

Less Time Away from Work

Knee replacement surgery doesn’t take that long, but the recuperation time is longer. Most people in Hoffman Estates can expect to take up to six weeks off work. However, if you have both knees replaced at the same time, you only have that six-week recovery period. If you have them done separately, you can expect a full 12 weeks off work to recover.

Knee replacement is one of the recommended options for knee pain.

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