The Benefits And Difficulties Of Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

While some women seem to have no trouble going back to their normal bodies after having a baby, most women do struggle with it. Doctors recommend returning to your normal before-baby size within six to 12 months after your delivery. While diet and exercise are par for the course and you should be eating healthy and exercising anyway, that may not be enough to constitute post-pregnancy weight loss.

Take Time

The goal isn’t to rush off and start losing pounds quickly. You need to give your body time to adjust and recover from giving birth. Likewise, women who breastfeed should wait until their baby is two months old before trying to shed pounds. Most women try to lose a pound and a half a week by cutting 500 calories from their diet and exercising regularly.

Be Realistic

The trick isn’t to expect your body to magically go back to your size before you had a baby. Post-pregnancy weight loss can be tricky, especially if you’re used to eating more and couldn’t do a lot of the workouts you used to do. Getting back into the habit can take time, and you shouldn’t expect too much too soon.

Medical Help

Your doctor should be your go-to on losing pounds. They may recommend a particular diet or exercise routine that should help. If, however, you follow the diet and exercise regimen and haven’t lost anything, you may want to consider medical help. Medical programs can help you shed those unwanted pounds safely. It is okay to ask for help, especially if what you’re doing doesn’t work. You may not need something extreme like fat-burning injections or Phentermine, but you can get the support and help you need to make a lifestyle change that will benefit you for years to come.

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