Things you need to know about Hospice Care

Hospice care is often misunderstood. But it is a viable option for many families. Here’s what you need to know about hospice care to find out if it’s the right choice to make for your loved one and family:

It doesn’t mean you’re giving up

A lot of people think going to hospice care indicates resignation, that you’re giving up all hope. For some, sending a loved one to hospice means you want that loved one to die. Nothing can be further from the truth. Hospice care is focused on improving the patient’s quality of life, to help manage the pain and symptoms. It doesn’t hasten death but instead helps patients and families focus on living each day with comfort and dignity.

It’s where you go to die

Hospice isn’t a place. Rather, it’s a philosophy of care, one that offers patients and families medical, emotional and spiritual care. When you opt for hospice care, it means you want your loved one to pass away, surrounded by friends and family.

Insurance covers hospice costs

Costs are covered by a lot of insurance providers. You’ll need to read up on policies of hospice care of South Florida, though, and consult with an insurance provider to find out if your loved one meets specific criteria or not.

It isn’t just for old people

Cancer isn’t just the territory of adults. Young and old people alike can get stricken by a terminal illness. Hospice care provides patients of incurable diseases with treatment, regardless of how old or young they are.

Getting help

Sites like Senior Living Resolutions offer you a list of facilities you can explore for senior living communities and hospice care.

So know more about your choices. Consider the merits of hospice care today. It might just be the treatment your loved one needs.

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