Treatment Through Stem Cells in Topeka, KS

Stem cell research is making great strides when it comes to medical applications. In fact, many scientific facilities are currently researching the effectiveness of stem cell treatment when it comes to some terminal diseases. Though research into the medical application of stem cells is certainly exciting and great news for those suffering from a myriad of illnesses, one of the problems is that the research has too often been clouded in controversy and confusion.

The primary issue is in harvesting stem cells from embryos. It has caused a great deal of controversy that has been fueled by an uneducated media. Fortunately, the use of adult cells in therapy has been given the stamp of approval in most areas, and new developments in this area, especially in regenerative orthopedics, promises exciting results.

The Stem Cell Advantage

One area where stem cell therapy is particularly useful is in regenerating damaged soft tissues and bone. Medical facilities and clinics that use stem cells in Topeka, KS, offer a combined approach to physical therapy that often involves innovative stem cell therapy.

For the patients in question, this means that any treatment is minimally invasive, which cuts down recovery time and pain post-treatment. In fact, most treatments take around one hour to complete, and the injection of the cells into the area of injury, as guided by an ultrasound, means that any discomfort is minimized significantly. Additionally, the fact that the cells are harvested directly from the patient in question should quiet any potentially ethical conflicts.

The fact that the cells themselves can grow and develop into a number of different tissues, including skin, muscle, bone, and cartilage, makes them the ideal method of regenerating damaged tissues in patients. One can only imagine the possible applications in the future, and it is exciting that, among other clinics, are exploring possible treatments!

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