What Do They Do When You Get a Sports Physical?

Most schools, along with leagues that offer sports for youths, will require that anyone who wants to join the team undergo a full sports physical before they are allowed to play. This is to ensure the safety of the activity for the student in question and to ensure that they are healthy enough to play.

The sports physical will help to screen athletes for a range of different conditions and illnesses that could cause issues with the activity in which they want to participate. It ensures they are capable of keeping up with the demands of the sport, and that they are not suffering from any illnesses or injuries that could be worsened by playing the sport.

Ultimately, the reason for the sports physical is to make sure that sports are safe and accessible, and it provides some peace of mind for the school or league, along with the parents. In some cases, it might be a requirement for liability insurance, as well.

Many of the sports physicals are going to include a questionnaire that will look into the history of the child from a medical standpoint. The doctor wants to know if they have had any injuries in the past or illnesses that could be aggravated by sports. For example, if a child has asthma, he or she could still play sports, but they would have to make sure they are accounting for those conditions on and off the field.

In addition to the history of the patient, there is also a physical exam. During this portion of the sports physical, the doctor will look at a number of essentials. They will check for any tenderness or pain in the patient’s joints. They will also check the heart to make sure it is strong and that the patient does not suffer from a heart murmur. Doctors will look for high blood pressure, problems with vision, imbalance of the muscles, hearing problems, reflex problems, and curvature of the spine.

If the doctor does find a problem, they are likely going to order additional tests. This could include blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, and muscle strength testing, for example. If you have a student who needs to have a sports physical, and you are in Orange Park, FL, the Injury Care Clinic is an ideal place to have the exam done.

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