What Is Involved In Efficacy Testing?

Information is so important when it comes to providing customers with a personal care product, a cosmetic, or any other type of newly designed or highly complicated product. Efficacy testing is one of the methods used to provide this type of information and guidance to users. Many brands, as well as manufacturers, have a duty to provide information that is very accurate to the end user, distributor, and even to the owner. This can be accomplished through this type of testing.

What Is Involved?

Efficacy testing focuses on a number of different steps. These studies involve the use of instrumental measurements as well as a clinical assessment. It is done in a very secure and highly sterile environment to ensure that it is done thoroughly. Fore ample, a highly sophisticated method is used to determine intricate details. Dermal evaluation devices are one of the tools used and have the ability to extend the lab’s capabilities in many situations. In fact, these devices are able to provide labs with capabilities that extend into human clinical evaluations.

When choosing a provider of this type of testing, ensure they are following all necessary protocol. This means that all studies must be monitored carefully and be done in a controlled environment. Only the most well trained and skilled technicians should be a part of this type of testing.

It can be used for many things. Efficacy testing can involve customized studies and claims testing. They can also involve customer in-use focus as well as panel group marketing studies. They can be used for self-tanning development, moisturizing development, and migration for sweat resistance. There are many ways that this type of testing can be helpful to a company. In short, it provides important insight into why and how well something works, and that information solves problems for many users.

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