What Is Roxicodone Addiction And Options Available To Help?

Roxicodone is a semisynthetic drug, also considered an opiate. It’s prescribed for those in moderate to severe pain and the primary ingredient used in the drug is Oxycodone. It is highly habit-forming and can lead to addiction very quickly. While becoming addicted may not take a long time, it can take years to fully recover from such a dependency. However, early intervention and proper help can ensure that you kick the habit and lead a drug-free life.

Inpatient/Outpatient Options

Primarily, your first step is to determine if you can handle outpatient treatments or if you require residential/inpatient rehab. Likewise, you may want a facility that offers medical detoxification, especially if you’ve relapsed or have been taking Roxicodone for an extended period. Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and scary, which means you may not want to do it alone or at home.

How It Starts

Many people don’t understand how addiction can start, especially when you take prescription medications that were given to you by a doctor. As you start taking the drug, your body feels better, and the pain goes away. However, if you continue using it, you will develop a tolerance, which means your body gets used to that amount.

To continue relieving the pain, you have to take more than prescribed, which can lead to dependence. During this stage, your body and mind tell you that you must have Roxicodone and you continue taking it to relieve pain.

Over time, you will become addicted to it, meaning you cannot stop taking it without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. View website for more details.

What Happens?

Once you realize there’s a problem, you can expect to get professional treatment from a facility. Detox is likely going to be part of that, as well as specialized care that may be needed, addiction therapy and counseling. Likewise, aftercare programs may be available to prevent relapse and help you remain drug-free.

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