What To Consider When Planning For Sacramento CPR Classes In The Workplace

There are very few types of professional development trainings that have the potential to save the life of another person. For many Sacramento companies both large and small, including a CPR class for all employees is an important part of giving back to the community and to their workforce.

There are several considerations when planning these types of training to ensure your workforce is trained to handle all types of potential emergency situations. Remember, the use of these classes combined with emergency first aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training is not to substitute for medical care and attention, but to allow people to provide the lifesaving techniques required until trained EMTs can respond.

There is a lot of interest in holding the CPR training classes at the workplace location. This makes sense for both small and large companies since everyone is familiar with the space and it is more comfortable for the participants.

It also helps to reduce the cost of the training if the trainer arrives at your work ready to complete the class. Additionally, with the training right in the building, you will find a greater response to the training and less resistance when people have to find transportation to a different location.

The Length
The most basic courses that include cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in combination with AED training typically last about 90 minutes. As this is a very specific training it is not lengthy, but it ensures that all employees can use the manual technique as well as the equipment should it be required.

The combination of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training and the full first aid training is longer, but still lasts about 3 hours, so an easy half-day training. This is very convenient for large workplaces where multiple classes may need to be scheduled to get the entire workforce trained.

Healthcare professionals will take more advanced classes, and they can include both new and renewal students. These courses will meet the American Heart Association BLS or Basic Life Support requirements.

Additionally, all CPR classes in Sacramento will provide an expert trainer, all the equipment needed to complete the exercises, and the ability to practice the techniques with supervision.

The result will be a workplace where people feel comfortable and confident in responding to emergency situations, but also people in their communities and families that have the skills necessary to potentially save a life.

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