Where to Go for Good Eye Care

Our eyes are precious to us and we all take care of them as much as we can. There are some efforts we can go to with self-care for our eyes, but beyond that we must usually engage an expert. Having your eyes tested on a regular basis is very important for your general eye health. Experts in eye care and eye health can quickly determine whether you have any problems with your eyes, but they can also tell from the health of the eye whether you have any underlying health conditions. Some conditions may not show any specific symptoms until the condition gets worse and the eye is a good gauge to the health of the entire body.

Iridologists use the iris like a map to the body, with each segment representing a part or an organ of the body, including the skin. They can see from scar tissue inside the iris whether a person has something that needs addressing. The same thing applies to many optometrists. They can examine the iris and see from its condition whether there is something not quite right. They will not be able to diagnose you in the same way a doctor can, but they can certainly tell you if you need to see your doctor as a matter of urgency.

Reliability is the Key

Good eye care in Durham NC is available from a number of sources. To find an eye doctor that you feel you can trust, you will probably need to pay a visit to their office and have an eye test. Once they start the test they will talk you through each process, make you feel comfortable and put you at ease. The exam will be thorough and will test your eye health as well as your general vision. No doubt you will be familiar with the letter chart, as seen in all optometrists offices, the one with the huge ‘E’ and then lines of letters in descending sizes. Those are part of the test and you will be asked to read as far down the lines as possible until everything becomes a blur, which it usually does. Not many people can read the bottom line, but if you can, you definitely won’t be told you need glasses for distance seeing. The rest of the test will focus on your eyes from the inside, assessing their general condition and looking for signs of macular degeneration and other potentially nasty conditions. Catching these conditions early can help to treat, remedy or even cure them before they become a threat to your eyesight.

Always go to a recommended eye doctor or someone you know and have been to before and trust. It can be a comfort to know the eye doctor that you get tested by.


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