Women’s health


We are made differently. This is a fact. Science has shown us that men and women are different not just in their thinking, but also in the way they are put together.

Ever wondered why men never seem to get cellulose but women do? Well the answer is that the way the skin attaches to the muscle in men. It is different in women. With women, it attaches straight to the muscle, but with men it goes down, at a slant and is actually a stronger bond, thus giving the impression that there is no problem with cellulose. Normally there is, but it could be, it is just hidden.

Women are also different at a genetic level with two y-chromosomes (longer than the male’s X chromosome). They are less susceptible to some genetic disorders (because if they have one bad chromosome the good one cancels out the issue).

More recently, we have even discovered that a woman’s brain is actually wired differently to men, and that the two brains are actually bathed in different fluids!

A result of this has been the development of a whole field of medical research dealing specifically with Women’s Health and the issues that can arise.

Another major difference is the chemicals that flow through our bodies. For women it is Estrogen, but the strange fact is that there are three types of it produced at different times in a woman’s life. What her body is producing tells the rest of the body what condition she is in. One type produces when the female is not pregnant, another type produces when pregnant, and a third type when going through menopause!

Many companies have risen to the fact that women’s health is different to that of men. The fact is that women have different needs from those of men. They have been instrumental in producing a whole range of products that meet the needs of women and their health issues.

women's health

women's health

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