4 Things to Know about Invisalign

Invisible aligners are a popular treatment for repositioning teeth. Before you ask your dentist in Philadelphia about Invisalign options, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

You need to wear it all the time
For these aligners to work, you need to wear them for at least 20 hours or 22 hours a day. That’s going to take a bit of organization, though. Planning out your daily schedule can help, especially since you need to maximize and distribute bits of the four remaining hours throughout the day carefully.

You need regular adjustments
The dental devices need to be changed every two weeks, the DentistryIQ says. The adjustments are made to accommodate the changes in the position of your teeth. That means regular visits to your dentist so it’s best to pick one whose office is near to your home. That way, making it to your appointments will be easy and stress-free.

You won’t have eating problems
Anyone who has ever had wire braces knows how the wire can irritate the gums and make it difficult for you to eat. You won’t get any of those problems with these invisible trays, though. That’s why a lot of patients with crooked or badly positioned teeth opt for these aligners.

You’ll love it
If you’re self-conscious about wearing braces, these clear aligners are the perfect answer. They’re not as obvious and they’re more aesthetically pleasing so you won’t have to go around, uncomfortable with and trying to hide the fact that you have aligners on.

Get treatment
Ask your dentist in Philadelphia about Invisalign options. The sooner you start wearing the aligners, the sooner you can get them off. For more information about the procedure, its benefits, and its cost, get in touch with your dental care provider. If your dentist doesn’t have the qualifications to create the aligners, look for one with experience and expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

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