Regain Your Smile and Confidence with a Dental Makeover in Grand Island, NE

Bad teeth have ruined many nice smiles because people are too embarrassed to show their teeth. Their teeth may be severely crooked, they may look dingy or stained, or some people are embarrassed by broken or missing teeth. If you’re embarrassed by the condition of your teeth, then a dentist may be able to help you find your smile again.

Straightening Smiles

It may take more than braces to straighten your teeth if they are severely crooked, there is no room for them to grow, or they overlap other teeth. Sometimes, teeth need to be removed so the others can grow in correctly. A dental makeover in Grand Island, NE can also help prevent tooth decay because it can be difficult to properly clean crooked teeth.

Replacing Teeth

If you have broken or missing teeth, then a dentist may be able to replace the missing ones with dental implants. Dentures or partials can require removing teeth to cover gaps in them, but an implant can be installed to replace a single missing tooth without affecting those surrounding it. For a tooth that is broken, a porcelain cap can be placed over it after it has been treated to help save it and your smile during a dental makeover.

Brightening a Smile

If your teeth are stained or look dull, then a dentist can quickly improve how they look with teeth whitening procedures. Whitening procedures can get teeth several shades whiter which, if properly cared for, can last for several months. If your teeth are stained due to internal damage, then a dental makeover can include applying veneers on your teeth to make them whiter.

If you’re interested in having a dental makeover, browse our website about the cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer. With these procedures, we can give you back your smile.

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