5 Recommended Health Check-ups for Your Pet

If you want to keep your beloved pet healthy, you should make sure that the proper check-ups are performed by a veterinarian and that the necessary preventative measures are taken to remain disease-free. Here are some of the main health checks that your pet should receive.

Eye and Ear Evaluation

Your pet may have an eye or ear problem that you didn’t realize. A qualified Wicker Park vet can diagnose and treat any conditions that could affect your pet’s eyesight or hearing. This will also give the veterinarian the chance to look for any ticks or other parasites that may be lurking around your pet’s eyes or ears.

Dental Check-up

Just like your own teeth, your pet’s chompers are important to maintain for overall health. Cavities and other problems of the teeth can make eating painful for your pet and should be addressed. Your pet’s gums can also be examined to look for signs of periodontal (gum) disease.


Vaccinating your pet can ward off certain illnesses and diseases that affect dogs, cats and other types of animals. There are vaccines that are formulated to prevent rabies, adenovirus and parainfluenza. If you have a dog, it will also be advantageous for your precious pooch to be vaccinated for parvovirus by a Wicker Park vet.

Routine Blood Chemistry

It’s a good idea to have blood drawn from your pet periodically to test for the levels of calcium, proteins and electrolytes in the body. Creatine, triglyceride and cholesterol levels can be analyzed as well. The blood sample taken from your pet can also be used to gauge the red blood cell count.

Muscle and Joint Examination

Arthritis, muscle tears and other problems of the bones and muscles can be diagnosed with a muscle and joint examination. This type of examination is especially important for older animals.

To schedule your pet for a complete health check-up with a qualified veterinarian, please contact Village West Veterinary by visiting us.

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