Important Information about Animal Critical Care in Scottsdale, AZ

Dogs and cats are generally pretty inquisitive creatures, and their curiosity often leads to injuries. There have been plenty of cases where animals end up injuring themselves, especially if the owner doesn’t keep track of his or her pet. Accidents and injuries on the road need immediate attention. If your dog or cat has sustained a serious injury, you need to know how to care for him or her until you reach the animal hospital. There are plenty of hospitals that provide animal critical care in Scottsdale, AZ, but you have to ensure that you go to one that is properly equipped to deal with such emergencies. Here are some basic things that you should know about animal critical care.

Treat the Wound

If it’s a serious flesh wound, you should know how to clean and treat it. While you are on the way to the hospital, make sure that you keep the pressure on the wound so that blood doesn’t flow from it. Many animals die on the way to the hospital simply due to blood loss. Keep a cloth on the wound tightly so that blood doesn’t leak from there. You can take your pet to the Aztec Animal Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the city, for emergency treatment.

Don’t Move the Pet Too Much

If you feel that your pet has a broken bone in his or her body, avoid moving him or her too much. Lift him or her gently, place the animal on the seat of your car, and try to avoid going on bumpy roads on the way to the hospital. This is one of the major points of animal critical care. Most animals avoid showing pain so you might not be able to figure out just how much pain your pet is in.

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