A Brief Overview Of Varicose Veins And Treatment Options

Often when people hear about varicose veins, they associate them as a medical condition a woman suffers from. Nevertheless, at some point in their life over fifty percent of men will experience a problem with varicose veins. One of the top causes of the swollen veins is heredity and passed on down through their family. Other factors play a role in whether a person will suffer from varicose veins which can cause discomfort to anyone that has them. Vein clinics in Chicago can offer people who suffer from this medical condition a non-invasive and affordable option in removing the bulging vessels from the surface of their skin.

Additional Aspects That Contribute to Varicose Veins

   *   Standing for a long period can influence varicose veins in their legs.
   *   Excessive weight increases the pressure on the body and legs resulting in the swollen vessels.
   *   People that suffer from chronic heart valve conditions.
   *   Age will also play a factor in whether a person suffers from varicose veins.
   *   In women, pregnancy contributes to the development of varicose veins.

Treatments Available for Bulging Vessels on the Surface of the Skin

   *   A person can reduce their chances by maintaining a healthy weight or elevating their legs above their heart.
   *   Nd: YAG laser therapy
   *   Sclerotherapy
   *   Compression stockings used to help promote better flow of blood in the veins.
   *   Endoscopic vein surgery
   *   Ambulatory phlebectomy
   *   Vein stripping or high ligation

Discover a Non-Invasive and Affordable Treatment at a Certified Clinic

With today’s medical advances, patients that suffer from varicose veins no longer need to worry about a painful surgery that results in a long recovery time. Vein clinics in Chicago such as Veins Without Surgery offer their clients a more affordable and non-invasive treatment that requires little or no recovery time. Their qualified team can treat their patients with Sclerotherapy or Nd: YAG laser that is virtually painless and can have their clients returning to their normal activities shortly after their treatment. Visit Veins Without Surgery for detailed information. Also like our Facebook page.

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