Tummy Tuck in Orange County

If you are ready to make that slight bulge around your waist disappear then you are ready for a Tummy Tuck in Orange County. This is the cosmetic surgical procedure that can bring back that youthful appearance to your mid section so you will look better in tight fitting dresses and on the beach.

The five types of Tummy Tuck in Orange County

The right tummy tuck in Orange County for you depends on what you what done. This plastic surgical procedure can remove loose skin and fat or just repair damage to the abdominal muscles.

Traditional Tummy Tuck

This is the procedure most think about when talking about a tummy tuck. The incision is from hip to hip and includes the removal of loose skin and excessive fat from the entire abdominal area. For the ladies with muscle damage from pregnancy, it will also be repaired.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

This type of plastic surgery is for those only needing a little correction. The area operated on will only be from the naval downwards. For the ladies that have been exercising and just can’t get that last little bit gone from around the waist, this is the cosmetic procedure for you.


For the lady who had a rough pregnancy and the muscles were torn or became separated, this is the procedure for you. The surgeon will not remove any fat cells or loose skin when this type of cosmetic surgery is chosen.


If a lady or man has already undergone a gastric bypass, this is the right cosmetic procedure for them. The fat cells and looses skin from the abdominal area are removed along with the hips, thighs and buttock if necessary.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

As the name insinuates, this is more than the traditional tummy tuck in Orange County. You can have the excessive skin and fat removed from your abdominal area along with the love handles for a better overall appearance.

The Prime Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

To be a candidate for a tummy tuck you must be in good physical health and near your ideal body weight. You must also be of sound mind or as some put it mentally healthy.

This procedure should only be done on women that are done having children and do not plan to every get pregnant again. If you have a tummy tuck then get pregnant again, all the work already done to your mid section will have to redone in the future after the child is born.

If it is time for you to have that excessive skin you dislike handing over your belt line removed along with the unsightly fat, a tummy tuck in Orange County is the plastic surgical procedure that is right for you. You can also have any hernias repaired or abdominal muscles reinforced at the same time. This way once you have recovered from the plastic surgery, you will not only look better, but physically feel better.

The Tummy Tuck in Orange County is the plastic surgical procedure to help remove what time and gravity has done to your body. No amount of exercise will ever remove the excessive skin from being overweight or having a child. Only by having a tummy tuck can your abdomen look like it did in your youth.

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