Residential Home Health Care Services Extend to Hospice Care

Many hospice patients feel better about receiving hospice care at home. They are in familiar surroundings where they can be closer to family and friends. When hospice care is given in the home, palliative measures are used for symptom control. Palliative care is different than curative care as it stresses keeping the patient comfortable. Curative care is facilitated with the idea of curing the patient.

Therefore, residential home health care service in Stockbridge, GA providers in hospice programs focus on care that supports life-limiting illnesses. The patient, at this point, understands that his or her medical care is shifting from curative care measures to palliative care.

How Hospice Care Is Determined

When residential home health care services emphasize hospice care, two doctors must agree that the patient is in the last six months of his or her life and that the illness has run its regular course. Whether a patient has cancer or another type illness, he or she can receive hospice care.

While a six-month life expectancy has been established federally for a hospice program of care, it does not mean the prognosis is necessarily set in stone. In some instances, patients may live longer, especially if they request residential home health care during this time in their life.

Should a hospice patient recovers from an illness, he or she can return to a regular program of care. If, in the future, he or she must return to hospice care, insurance companies, including Medicare, will sanction the extra coverage.

Enter a Hospice Program Early

Usually, it is better to begin a hospice program early on. This allows a patient to adjust to the care. It also adds to his or her quality of life. While someone does not need to be with a patient all the time, it makes it easier on the patient if he or she receives continual care.

Where to Obtain Further Information

You can find out more about hospice programs and residential services when you visit a website such as Taking this step is a good start in giving a loved one the best treatment during this phase of their life.

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