ASIS Massage Education: Change Yourself & Change the World

At our Arizona Massage Schools:

Learning Unfolds; in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and belief in each student’s innate potential.

Healing Happens; in a vibrant learning community where strengths are recognized and supported.

Education Offers Balance; through time-tested curriculums combining Eastern and Western traditions, techniques and creativity, science, movement and art.

Transformation Begins; in your life and the lives of those you touch.

Our Belief; We are dedicated to the path of world peace, compassion to all living beings, and to honesty. We believe that it is essential that our work be non-violent in nature, and that the goals of learning and therapy be those of the student and client rather the teacher and therapist.

Financial Aid Available; Federal Financial Aid is Available for those who qualify at all of our 4 Arizona Massage School locations.  Contact our school closest to you for assistance in applying for FAFSA.

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