Bring The Exotic Back Home With Ayurvedic Massage Courses In India

Ayurvedic Massage Courses at Aithein Healing in India may be just the thing for your next international getaway. Unlike most vacations that begin and end with a trips between hotel rooms and tourist attractions, your holiday can be one of self introspection and learning. The Aithein Healing Institute provides classes in a full range of massage and holistic treatments. Students from around the world come to learn how they can take these methods back to their own homes or spas. Still others come to learn how they can become teachers themselves and spread the word of how Ayurvedic Massage Courses in India can bring peace and comfort to all. A full range of Massage courses and class schedules are offered with instruction in English and a variety of accommodations for visitors. These descriptions and photographs of conveniently located lodgings is offered online at the web pages of

The Aithein Ayurveda school was started in the year 2005 to bring the transformation that often occurs with these alternative therapies to a broader audience. Whether you are a healer yourself or seek how best to use these healing techniques within your own life, the instruction found at this center can be invaluable. The study of alternative medicine is one in which education and practical training is used to impart this positive energy into each class. Students have been everything from those who have enjoyed the practice of Yoga for exercise to western trained physicians who wish to learn how meditation can be used along traditional methods in the treatment of pain management.

At Aithein healing students not only learn through their classroom and theoretical coursework, but with their adventures in India itself. Situated near the historic beaches of Goa, the Institute works to convey a harmonious existence with nature and between people of all walks of life. Students learn how to understand and examine the causes of illness and common everyday travails. Through study they can better understand the physical, mental and emotional side to any journey to wellness. The information they garner in their studies also better assists them in their own existence as they cope with radical changes and future dilemmas.


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