Getting Started on Solids? What to Know for Better Feeding Times

Feeding your baby solids for the first time can come with a few issues and challenges. Here are tips to help you and your child enjoy better feeding times:

Your baby doesn’t want it

A lot of times, feeding your baby solids for the first time will result in your baby pushing the food out of his mouth. That’s normal. Babies have a tongue thrust reflex that makes this happen but it’ll diminish over time. The best advice? Don’t give up. If your child is already around six months, then he’s ready for solids. Try again until your baby starts to get used to the taste and sensation of the food.

Don’t force your baby

Don’t force the spoon in, though. If your baby isn’t really interested, stop and then try again after a week, says U.S. News. That might help prepare your baby so he’ll start to eat solids the next time you put that spoon in his mouth.

Get a food delivery service

Look for a reputable baby food delivery service in NYC, one that’s well-known for providing premium, healthy baby meals. You can mix this into your daily routine and is an excellent way to get your baby started on solids.

Let your child explore

If you tend to stick to a number of meals you know how to prepare by heart or commonly have the ingredients for, then that’s going to make for a limited run of options. By ordering meals from a baby food delivery service in NYC, you can let your child try other flavors, textures and tastes, all without you needing to research on those meals, shop in the market for the ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen chopping, mashing and cooking those meals.

With these tips, starting your child on solids is a lot easier and fun.

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