How do I know I have an Addiction?

This is a very good question. Some folks take drugs, abuse drugs, get hooked on drugs. What is the difference?

The main difference is that an Addiction is a brain disease, which leads to a person engaging in behavior which may have dire consequences, the person knows this, but engages in the behavior never the less. It is possible for instance, to drink alcohol in a responsible manner.

A person can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, tobacco and probably others as well. A person who uses medications like they are prescribed and never takes more than that, likely does not have an Addiction. If a person drinks responsibly, one or two drinks per night, they are probably not Alcoholics.

But is a person is taking more medication than prescribed, this can lead to dire consequences. Or if a person is using Heroin, this can lead to dire consequences. If the person realizes that, but uses Heroin anyway, that fulfills the definition of an Addiction.

Like most things, one really cannot address his or her problems, unless it is understood that it is a problem. Then, once a person realizes there is a problem, it is then up to he or she to want to try and do something about it. If someone with an Addiction is not honest with themselves, then they defeat themselves before they can even get started addressing the problem.

In addition, the sooner the better, as far as realizing there is an Addiction issue in development or that a person has a significant problem with alcohol and or drugs. If an Addiction can be adequately addressed in the early states, the chances of a successful outcome are greatly enhanced.

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