Root Canal: What Is It and the Symptoms You Should Know

People dread the thought of a problem with their teeth and often will avoid making a dental appointment until the issue becomes unbearable. However, dental issues should not be ignored and should be immediately examined by a dentist. Any delay can create a larger problem and risk the chance of the individual suffering from agonizing pain. Especially, if a root canal is required to prevent the loss of a damaged tooth and to remove the diseased root. A root canal dentist in Waterloo, IA will remove the infected nerve that is attached to the tooth and causing the problem. The dentist will then clean the affected area and place a bioinert material to prevent the regrowth of bacteria in the tooth.

Signs a Root Canal May Be Required

* A sharp, acute pain that is difficult to pinpoint due to the abscess forming on the tip of a root and it is hard to relieve the discomfort.
* The tooth will look discolored.
* A loose, broken, cracked, or decayed tooth may require a root canal by a dentist in Waterloo, IA.
* Your gums become tender or swell in the affected area.
* A pressure or dull ache can be felt in the mouth.
* A sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks.
* The face swelling due to the abscessed tooth in a person’s mouth.

Consult a Dentist Today to Find a Solution

If you are experiencing a problem with your teeth do not delay in consulting an expert. The team at Kimball & Beecher Family Dentistry provides their patients with high-quality dental services in a relaxing environment. You do not have to suffer in pain when their skilled-dentist can find the right solution to repairing your dental problem. With their expertise and the dental procedures offered today, you can obtain a healthy smile you will be proud to flash.

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