Signs That Your Pet Needs Emergency Treatment At A Pet Hospital In Leawood KS

If you have a pet, regular wellness visits to your veterinarian will keep him as healthy as possible. If your pet becomes ill or injured, you’ll need to get him to a Pet hospital Leawood KS veterinarian for treatment as quickly as you can. Read the list below to discover the types of emergency situations that require immediate medical care.

Trauma or Bleeding

If your pet has suffered trauma or if you think he may have a broken bone, he will immediately need veterinary care. If your pet has a wound that is bleeding or if he is coughing up blood, these are serious issues as well.

Not Eating or Drinking

If your normally hungry pet refuses to eat, he probably isn’t feeling well. If he isn’t drinking water, this can lead to dehydration. If your pet doesn’t eat for one day, he may just have an upset stomach and he may be back to normal the next day. If he doesn’t eat or drink for more than one day, your veterinarian will need to diagnose the problem.

Diarrhea or Vomiting

Diarrhea that lasts for more than one day or bloody stool is a sign that your pet is ill. Pets often eat grass and vomit, which isn’t a cause for concern. If your pet is throwing up more than usual or if you notice that he’s throwing up blood, this could be a serious problem.


When your pet seems like he doesn’t have any energy or if all he does is sleep, this is a sign that he’s not feeling well. If you notice that your pet doesn’t act like he normally does, keep a close watch on him and look for other signs that seem odd for your pet. It’s always best to take your pet to a Pet hospital Leawood KS veterinarian for an examination if he shows any sign of an illness. Your vet can diagnose the problem and start your pet on a treatment program if necessary. View website for more info.

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