The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care in Racine, WI

Diabetes is not the death knell that it was in decades past. Thanks to advances in medicine and more understanding about the roles of diet and exercise in maintaining safe blood glucose levels, there is no reason that a type 1 or type 2 diabetic cannot live a full and happy life. What remains is paying close attention to any signs of health issues arising from the diabetes. That includes conditions related to the feet. Here is why seeking foot care in Racine WI is not optional for diabetics.

Healing and Diabetic Neuropathy

One of the realities that diabetics live with is the loss of sensation in the extremities. Most often, the loss begins in the toes, moves through the rest of the feet, and may even progress to the ankles and lower legs. This is caused by a change in the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the feet. With less nutrients finding their way to the feet, the process of healing from scratches or wounds will take longer.

Regular foot care in Racine WI makes it easier to assess the current level of circulation and provide the opportunity to discuss ways to protect the feet. In the event that some wound is sustained, a food doctor can take action that helps to protect the foot from infection while the healing takes place. Without that type of support, what started out as a minor injury could lead to serious complications.

Dealing with Swelling and Similar Issues

It’s not unusual for diabetics to notice changes in their feet. Specifically, swollen areas on an instep, the back of the heel, or near an arch can make walking more difficult. A medical professional can examine the change and determine what needs to be done. At times, investing in some type of shoe insert is enough to alleviate the pressure and help the swelling subside.

Anyone living with diabetes must take proper care of the feet. If it’s been a long time since the individual has visited a foot specialist. Click here to set up an appointment today. In many instances, the feet will be in fine shape and the only thing that needs to happen is an annual exam. Should any issue be present, treating it now will save a lot of pain and difficulty later on.

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