The Success Rate Of Couples Therapy

All relationships have good times and times that are challenging. Successful couples are those people who have developed a way to communicate, support each other and work together not just through the good times, but through the challenges, disappointments, and setbacks that occur in life.

Many couples in New Jersey initially have a wonderful relationship where there is limited conflict, and everything seems to be going the way they had planned. Then, an obstacle arises in their path, and suddenly the relationship is full of conflict, stress, and strife. At the same time, this stress in the current situation may be triggering memories from the past that are contributing to the way each person is responding to the problem as well as to each other.

When this happens, couples therapy is an ideal option for people to learn more about themselves and to develop better skills in communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving and about listening to and respecting each other.

Does it Work?
The success rate of couples therapy is dependent on many different factors. Foremost is the commitment of both parties to work through their challenges and to strengthen their relationship and their ability to deal with future changes in life in a positive, supportive and effective way.

For many New Jersey couples, the success of the therapy will also depend on how early in the conflict the therapist becomes involved. When patterns of behavior and communication, or lack thereof, have been established for years, it is much harder to break the negative habits and learn more effective methods.

By working with a trained therapist, couples can achieve their goals of a loving, positive and supportive relationship. Through the process of couples therapy, communication skills, conflict resolution, self-understanding and understanding of the other will also be central components that will continue to support the success of the relationship moving forward.

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