Why You Can’t Ignore Back Pain

Conventional wisdom for centuries has been all about “toughing out” pain and “walking it off,” but pain isn’t something to simply ignore. Pain is a tool that our bodies rely on, a message from your nerves that something is wrong with some part of your body. Ignoring pain won’t cause it to go away; most often, ignoring pain will simply make it worse. There are countless reasons not to ignore your back pain; below are just a few.

Lifestyle Changes
The longer you ignore any pain you might be feeling, the more your lifestyle will suffer as a result. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will naturally shy away from anything that causes that pain to flare up, and things you used to do often you will allow yourself to do less and less. Exercise can often be painful if you have untreated pain, so you’ll find yourself exercising less and less. Since exercise is one of the best ways to deal with skeletal and muscular issues that will only make the pain worse in the end.

Spreading Pain
The longer you allow your pain to go untreated, the worse it will get, and not just in the affected region. Back pain in particular will cause you to move around differently and hold yourself differently, in time developing poor posture. Bad posture is not only a symptom of back pain, it’s also a cause, so the longer you leave it untreated, the worse it will get.

Permanent Damage
Pain doesn’t just exist to put you in discomfort—it tells you something needs to be fixed. If you don’t fix it, then the root causes of that pain will do real and lasting damage to your body. Your vertebrae might crack, your discs might slip out of place, even the nerves themselves, which transmit the pain, could become damaged through overworking. Eventually, a small issue can turn into a massive one, and require invasive surgery to fix, but if you treated it early, you can avoid it.

Dealing with pain when and where it happens is the only way that you can effectively get rid of it. If you suffer from back pain in the northern Florida area, try going to the Jacksonville Spine Center to figure out what is wrong with you, and how you can fix it to live a complete, pain-free life.

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