Where To Get Medical Marijuana In Cook County

Medical marijuana is a versatile treatment, used to provide relief from a number of different health conditions. After you have qualified and registered for an Illinois Medical Cannabis Qualifying Patient Registry Identification Card, you will need to find a dispensary. This step may prove to be difficult to a few patients, especially those who have only recently qualified for this type of treatment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are currently looking for where to get medical marijuana in Cook County.

Online Databases

Checking reputable online databases is a great way to quickly find information on a number of different dispensaries in your area. The Illinois Cannabis Industry Association is a great place to start your search. Dispensaries who are members of this association have all met quality standards, and are all licensed and registered under state law. There are other online databases patients can choose from, some of which even contain consumer ratings.

Your Doctor

Your doctor may not be able to recommend one dispensary over another, but he or she can provide you with a list of options. While this doesn’t help you choose which one you should use, it can give you an excellent place to start your search. Gathering additional information about each dispensary, including hours of operation, location, and selection, can then be done online or by phone. This will eventually give you a good idea about which dispensary is best suited to your tastes, preferences, and needs.

Public Health

Your local public health branch may not be able to provide you with a specific recommendation, but like your doctor, they may be able to give you a list of dispensaries registered with the appropriate associations. Again, this gives you a great place to start. You may want to consider asking both your doctor and your local public health branch for this information, just in case they have knowledge of a dispensary your doctor does not.

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