Common Conditions Treated by Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA

Ailments and diseases of the ear, nose and throat are very common. Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA are specialized to treat disorders in these regions. There are many reasons why a patient may be referred to an otolaryngologist.

Ear Problems

An otolaryngologist, commonly called an ENT, is trained to diagnose and treat many problems of the ear. Patients commonly visit an ENT for chronic ear infections. The doctor may surgically place tubes to help the ears properly drain. Tinnitus, a ringing of the ears, is another disorder treated by otolaryngologists.

It’s also important to visit an ENT for hearing impairment. Hearing loss is very common. It is sometimes genetic and diagnosed at birth. Other patients may experience hearing loss as they get older. A doctor will find the proper treatment to help patients regain some of their hearing.

Nose Problems

Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA also treat many diseases of the nose. Chronic sinusitis is a common reason patients are referred to an ENT. Others may have polyps that need to be surgically removed. If a patient has difficulty with their sense of smell, a doctor may be able to help.

Many patients visit an otolaryngologist for structural problems with their nose. Both congenital problems and facial injuries may need to be evaluated by an ENT. A deviated septum, for example, may cause breathing difficulties. This ailment is usually corrected with rhinoplasty surgery.

Throat Problems

Throat infections are a common reason to schedule an appointment with an ENT. Patients with chronic tonsillitis, for example, may be referred to an otolaryngologist for a tonsillectomy. Diseases of the larynx and chronic snoring may also be treated.

Certain cancers of the head and neck are often diagnosed and treated by otolaryngologists. Tumors found in this area may be surgically removed and biopsied. A treatment plan will be devised depending on the results.

In order to become a certified otolaryngologist, doctors must undergo five additional years of specialty training. This extra education makes them the leading experts when it comes to problems of the ear, nose and throat. Visit to learn more about the specialty services offered by an ENT.

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