How to Identify Sinus Infection Symptoms in Allentown, PA

During this time of year, colds and allergies are very common. Coughs and runny noses are often common parts of both allergies and colds. However, these can sometimes develop into a sinus infection. Depending on whether it is chronic or acute, a sinus infection can be bothersome to many people. It is important to know the Sinus Infection Symptoms in Allentown PA and how to address the problem.

What is a sinus infection

The sinuses are small pockets in various areas of the face. There are some above and below the eyes, behind the nose, and behind the ears. These pockets or cavities can become irritated during a cold or allergies. A sinus infection occurs when they become infected, swollen, and inflamed. An acute infection is a short-lasting infection. A chronic infection can last up to eight weeks or more.

What are the symptoms of a sinus infection

Sinus Infection Symptoms in Allentown PA can often consist of pain and pressure in and around the various sinuses in the face. Nasal discharge and congestion are also very common symptoms. There may also be drainage of the sinuses down the back of the throat. A sore or hoarse throat, as well as headaches, are also common symptoms.

What causes a sinus infection

The causes of a sinus infection can vary depending on whether it is an acute or chronic infection. Acute sinus infections are often caused by irritation created by a cold or allergies. However, chronic sinus infections are often the result of a bacterial or fungal infection.

How to treat a sinus infection

For an acute infection, no treatment is necessary, as it will usually clear on its own. Pain relievers and nasal decongestants can help ease the symptoms. Chronic infections may need more treatment to clear the infection. Antibiotic or anti-fungal treatments may be necessary, depending on the cause.

When to see a doctor

A doctor should be contacted if symptoms do not improve within a few days or get worse. If there is a fever or a history of chronic sinus infections, an appointment should be made with a doctor. For more information about sinus infections, visit

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