Cosmetic Dentistry in Clayton Can Help Adults with Crooked and Unsightly Teeth

People who have crooked or oddly-shaped teeth may feel that there is no easy solution to make their smiles beautiful, so they don’t do anything. Adults may think that they have to wear ugly and uncomfortable metal braces for years to straighten their teeth. They fear this will make them the subject of many cruel jokes. However, there are many cosmetic dentistry in Clayton techniques available to help them. The Invisalign system uses clear aligners to gently move teeth into place. Very few people will even notice that patients are wearing them. Since they are removed during eating, the person never has to worry about getting food caught in them.

Getting started with Invisalign is quite easy. The dentist takes impressions of the upper and lower jaw. This information is fed into a computer that determines the proper alignment of the teeth. A series of plastic aligners are created to move the teeth into that position. Each of the aligners should be worn for two weeks. Dentists understand how busy their patients are, so they give them several aligners at one time, and they only have to return to the dental office every six to eight weeks. While the aligners can be easily removed for meals or special events, they should be worn as much as possible. If the person follows these instructions, they will have a smile filled with straight teeth before they know it.

Once the teeth are straight, the dentist can assess their shape and color. The dentist may recommend more Cosmetic Dentistry in Clayton procedures to correct their appearance. Teeth that are gray because of an illness or medication don’t respond to chemical whitening procedures. Some people have teeth that are different sizes or ugly shapes. Dental veneers can solve these problems in as few as three office visits. These are thin ceramic shells that are permanently bonded over the front of the tooth. The dentist can cover one or two teeth or they can cover all of the teeth. The result is a smile filled with perfect white teeth.

Anyone in the Clayton area who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth can make an appointment to Meet Dr. Eric J Aubert. He will devise a customized treatment plan to create a beautiful smile.

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